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6 Important Role Of The Kidneys Is:

6 Important Role Of  The Kidneys Is:

Regulation of plasma ionic composition. Ions such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, bicarbonate, phosphate and regulated by the amount that the kidney excretes.  

Regulation of plasma osmolarity. The kidneys regulate osmolarity because they have direct control over how many ions and how many people excretes water. 
Regulation of plasma volume. Your kidneys are so important they even have an effect on your blood pressure. Plasma volume control with kidney excretes control how much water people. Plasma volume has a direct effect on total blood volume, which has a direct effect on your blood pressure. Salt (NaCl) will cause osmosis occurs; diffusion of water into the blood. 
Regulation of plasma hydrogen ion concentration (pH). Kidney partnered with lungs and they together control the pH. The kidneys have a major role because they control the amount of bicarbonate excreted or held. The kidneys help maintain the blood Ph mainly by issuing hydrogen ions and reabsorbing bicarbonate ions necessary.

 Removal of metabolic waste products and foreign substances from the plasma.  
    One important halpaling kidneys excrete is nitrogenous wastes. As the liver is damaged amino acids are also releasing ammonia. Liver then quickly combines that ammonia with carbon dioxide, creating urea which is the major end product of nitrogen metabolism in humans. Hearts turned into urea ammonia because toxic jauhkurang. We are also able to excrete ammonia some acid, creatinine danurat. Creatinine comes from the breakdown of creatine metabolism Phospate (high energy phosphate in muscle). Uric acid comes from the break up of nucleotides. Uric acid is insoluble and too much uric acid in the blood will build up and form crystals that can collect in the joints and causes gout.
    Secretion of hormones of the endocrine system has assistance when removing hormon.Renin kidney removed by the kidneys. Renin leads to the secretion of aldosterone dilepaskandari adrenal cortex. Aldosterone promotes the kidneys to absorb sodium (Na +) ions. The kidneys also secrete erythropoietin when the blood does not have the capacity untukmembawa oxygen. Erythropoietin stimulates red blood cell production. Vitamin D from the skin is also activated with the help of the kidney. Calcium (Ca +) absorption of saluranpencernaan promoted by vitamin D.

Organs in the Urinary System

1. renal pyramids
? 2. Interlobar arteries
3. renal artery
4. renal vein
5. hylum kidney
6. renal pelvis
7. urinary tract
8. minor calyx
9. kidney capsule
10. Inferior renal capsule
? 11. Superior renal capsule
12. Interlobar vein
? 13. nephron
14. minor calyx
15. Major calyx
16. renal papillae
17. renal column

Sumber : Bpk. Dr. Iskandar Zulkarnain

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