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The production of some hormones is controlled by positive feedback

The production of some hormones is controlled by positive feedback

In such a system, hormones cause a condition to intensify, rather than decrease. As the condition intensifies, hormone production increases.
Such positive feedback is uncommon, but does occur during childbirth, where hormone levels build with increasingly intense labor contractions. Also in lactation, hormone levels increase in response to nursing, which causes an increase in milk production. The hormone produced by the hypothalamus causing the milk let down and uterine contraction is oxytocin.

Unlike exocrine and endocrine glands

   Exocrine Glands are those roomates release their cellular secretions through a duct roomates empties to the outside or into the lumen (empty internal space) of an organ. These include certain sweat glands, salivary and pancreatic glands, and mammary glands. They are not Considered a part of the endocrine system.

    Endocrine Glands are those glands roomates have no duct and release their secretions directly into the intercellular fluid or into the blood. The collection of endocrine glands makes up the endocrine system.

Sumber : Bpk. Dr. Iskandar Zulkarnain

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